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Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers Make The Big Bucks

Instagram hashtags, followers, filters, live streams, tags and stories. We need an Insta-dedicated dictionary just to keep up with what’s trending on the ‘gram’. But fear not, Instagram Is brings you all the latest influencers and what they’re waxing lyrical about to get them to the top of the trending charts and to win our weekly Instagram Awards, as voted for by you, our dear followers. But before we get into it, what exactly is an influencer and what hold do they have over the social media realm?

Instagram Influencers build a reputation around a niche. Think of them as brand ambassadors, or Insta-celebs. They’ll share your brand or product in exchange for mega bucks, experiences or the occasional freebie.

Instagram Influencers

In A World Of Instagram Followers, Follow The Trends

Ever had the adrenalin rush of being tagged by an Instagram influencer? We promise you, it’s insane! But how do you capture this month’s hottest ‘grammer’s attention and earn the coveted follow-back?

We can help you. First, you need to know who’s trending, and that’s what the team at Instagram Is spend their days doing. We bring you all the latest influencers in their respective categories so you know exactly who to follow, like and, well, generally worship.

Who Is Trending Now?

Instagram Influencers

Just like limited-edition ice cream that we drool over in the summer only for it to melt away into never-never land, Instagram influencers come in hot and can melt away into the social ether just as quickly. By following us, we’ll keep you updated on who’s in and who’s so last season.

We’ll also keep you posted on the different types of influencers. There are mega influencers, macro, mid-tier, micro and nano influencers, each one deserving of their space on our top list, and each one deserving of your vote for top ‘grammer of the week courtesy of Instagram Is.

Keeping Up With The 'Grammers

Who is the latest beauty buff? Who is this month’s gourmet guru? And just where, exactly, should your travels take you next? Which brand is breaking ground? These are the types of things we cover here at Instagram Is. Follow us for the latest Insta-news, trends and hotshot influencers and make sure you’re always up to date with who’s who on the ‘gram.

We heart Paul Tellefsen there’s no doubt. But we’ll admit that there are tons of other people who deserve a follow. Expert storytellers, keen photographers, and sometimes even your aunty with her latest pair of shoes. If it’s trending, if it’s hot and if it’s well worth checking out, you can be sure to find the low-down right here at Instagram Is.

Instagram Influencers