In a culture immersed in technology, Instagram is reviving adventure, face to face community & real relationships. How can something so digital get people out from behind their devices and into the analog world?

by @technopaul

Get your headphones ready. The best way to watch the film is on a computer with headphones or a TV with good sound.

Featuring Kyle Steed, Brenton Little & Allison Anderson

Directed & Created in full by Paul Tellefsen

From technopaul productions

Original Score by Tyler Linahan

Intro Score by Chase Burnett




Featured by Instagram


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PetaPixel: "a digital app that is pulling people back into the real world"


Ultralinx: "well made instagram documentary"


Lifestyles Defined: "gain a new perspective on what the community is and maybe even a little direction"


ElSafari: "makes you forget that we talk about digital media and you start to see it as a kaleidoscope of realities"


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Robayre: "beautiful and inspiring"


San Antonio Current: "a collection of characters who are endearing in their human need to connect and be seen"


Mentioned by PhotoJoJo: "Instagram Is is a wonderful short doc[umentary]"


WheatCity Mag: "help put a perspective of how the community is viewed"


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The Crosby Press: "Instagram Is truly is kinda heartfelt"

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The Phoblographer: "some of the stories are actually quite touching"


Jessica Zollomon (@jayzombie) (now former) Instagram Community Manager: " This 1000X this. Thank you for capturing exactly what Instagram means to me"


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Hypebeast: "Instagram Is has blossomed into an in-depth look at everyone’s favorite photo-sharing platform"


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Apartment Therapy: "reveals those invested in the photo social site are loyal for reasons well beyond any retro-filters"


MonkeyZen: "a school assignment ends as a lifelong viral phenomenon that embraces and explains the love behind all the users of this social network"


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Ion Magazine: "Instagram Is is a sincere look at the community it has created and connected"


The Tech Block: "If you only thought the app was for taking pictures of food, selfies and painted nails — then this film is here to break that stereotype. I’ve learned that it is truly a social NETWORK."


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Portland Egotist: "motivating people to get out from behind the computer and connect over the act of image making"


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