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Paul Tellefsen

Paul Tellefsen Instagram Fan Club

It’s not easy to find a digital community as committed and loyal as Instagram’s. The App has inspired everything from weekly photo challenges to “InstaMeetups,” and pages dedicated to our favourite influencers. One such famous Instagramer is Paul Tellefsen, who created the documentary, Instagram Is – something this page used to be about. But, because we’re all about influencers and followers, we’ve decided to dedicate the page to the best of the best on “the ‘gram.”

Instagram Is is your go-to site for news, awards, the latest pages to follow and everything else Insta-related. In a world of instant access, we bring you instant gratification with the low-down on who to follow, who’s top of the Insta-charts when you’re looking for a little inspiration or just some get-away-from-reality time.

Whether you’re looking for your next collaboration or you want the rundown on this month’s hottest beauty trend, Instagram is the place to go. But finding the right people to follow can be a little overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. On this page, you’ll find:

Paul Tellefsen
Paul Tellefsen

Paul Tellefsen is King Of Instagram

Well, we think so anyway. He gets how much bigger Instagram seems compared to any app or social network. His 20-minute video, titled Instagram Is gives us an in-depth perspective of both doubters and aficionados of the network.

There is no denying that Instagram is a network of creativity and storytelling through snapshots that convey artistry, love and day-to-day life. Like it or not, there truly is something magical about the app and its more than one billion active users around the world.

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The Best Influencers Know How To Reach Out

To date, there are more than 6 million sponsored texts on the ‘gram, and the influencer market continues to swell, coming in at over $2.6 billion. This is one of the hottest channels for influencer marketing, with many of the world’s top brands running Instagram campaigns.

To put it into perspective, there are millions of top influencers across every category you can imagine. If you’re a marketer looking to make waves about your brand, you need to know who’s top of the charts. And if you’re just keen on following popular people, you’ll want to know, too.

Paul Tellefsen

Could You Be The Next Big Thing?

Paul Tellefsen went all out to show us the heartfelt and genuine emotion of the Instagramming community. It’s not just about posting pictures of your breakfast. It’s changed the way we view everyday objects, and knowing who to follow or how to become the next big influencer is a big deal.

Paul Tellefsen started out creating a “fake” trailer. What resulted is a 25-minute long documentary that explores Instagram users. But we know that hotshots change daily, and that’s why you’ll find the latest hot topics, Insta-influencers and trending topics right here at Instagram Is. where our team spend our days following the fads. #thatsnolie.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram

We do! Keep up to date on the latest on-trend influencers and posters and you can vote in our weekly poll to award your favourites our “Insta-Award.”

We’re not bothered about what our number one Instagramer, Paul Tellefsen makes. But we can tell you that the average top influencer can make upwards of $60 per hour.

You’ll find the latest news, trends, influencers and big brands making waves on Instagram, in just about every category. You can even vote for your favourites and we’ll pop them an award – or at least a few extra followers.